Tuesday, March 30, 2010

furniture next

Next I turned my attention to the furniture. This was a little bit daunting so I started with the smallest piece on this wall.wall 1 b

    this one wall 1 b3 - Copywall 1 b1

    which is actually in two bits,
a cheap-as-chips CD rack from
the $2 shop which was never
much use because I had the
printer stuck in front of it
a 30 year old bedside table
that I got when I first moved
out of home.


wall 1 a1I painted everything white, stuck a bit of beading on the edges (painted pink), made a fancy bit for the top from my scrapbooking supplies and moved the ugly printer…this is the result…

Next I replaced the manly blue, heavy drapes with some light and filmy ones we had hanging in the house 25 years ago (hoarding DOES pay of!). I wanted a beaded fringe for the pelmet but at $60+ per metre (for 5 metres!) that was right out so I made one for under $50  -yes I know it wasn’t part of the spend-no-money plan but just look at it!fringe 2 so the result is

wall 1 after 1

Beforewall 1 b                                                  afterta da 1 - Copy








EDIT: Becca pointed out, and rightly so, that I forgot to mention the glass knobs on my drawers…lookwall 1 knobsaren’t they g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s! I got them whilst shopping with Renae & Becca at our wonderful local vintage shop after having eyed them off for about 6 months and saving for about as long. They’re all different – I was going for the eclectic look. The shop keeper didn’t think it would work but Renae, Becca and I agreed that it would and it DID. I get a ridiculous amount of pleasure from these little pink glass beauties.

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  1. Excuse me Miss Wendy! You forgot the best part! What about your perdy door knobs?