Friday, April 2, 2010

so to sum up

                                         Beforewall 2 b3

           wall 1 b


ta da 1


wall 1 a2

             wall 3 a3

it was hard work but I am one happy lady!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

the big shelf dilemma

The only two stipulations from MGM (once I told him it would all be done on a shoe-string budget) relating to the shabby chic thing were that it not cross the ‘D’ demarcation line (the line at which, should the shabby cross it, Divorce papers would be filed) and that I not touch the big shelves (which are actually fine & expensive pieces of furniture).

My dilema... what to do with all that chocolate brown in my lovely pastle room? So I tried the de-clutter thing that worked so well with the other shelves by using my AFD boxes to store the big stuff and some smaller boxes in stacks look great painted white too.

wall 3boxes 2

I put the ephemeral leftovers into journal boxes (yes, painted white of course) that I ‘rescued’ from the recycling bin at work.

wall 3 a2 - boxes

I even painted the spines of my big folders, and added some pretties from my fav scrapbook shop Fred the Needle wall 3 a2 - folders

Painting the containers rather than the shelves is a compromise that, in the end, makes me quite happy. I don’t have very good pics of the before/after scenario but this gives you the idea…

wall 2 b3

wall 3 a3